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Water rescue crews searching for missing boater on Ottawa River

Water rescue teams started searching for a person after word that a passenger on a boat who went overboard, Sunday evening.
ottawa water rescue boat
Ottawa Fire Services Water Rescue. Photo/Ottawa Fire Services.

A boat passenger is missing, having gone overboard when the boat's operator passed out.

Gatineau firefighters intercepted the boat, which was spinning out of control on the Ottawa River off of the Rockcliffe Flying Club, shortly after 6 p.m., Sunday.

Firefighters found the boat operator unconscious on the boat. Firefighters revived the man, who told them that there had been a passenger on the boat who went overboard.

Gatineau police say the missing person is a woman.

The boat driver is being treated in hospital for injuries.

Ottawa fire's water rescue team began searching the water for the passenger, who has not yet been located.

Gatineau police are investigating to find out what caused the incident, and are inviting any witnesses or residents who believe they have information about this incident to contact the them at 819-246-INFO (4636).

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